Opening Plenary: Looking Forward, Looking Back @ Atrium

taisha paggett
Anusha Kedhar
Joel Smith 
Linda Tomko
Jacqueline Shea Murphy 
Imani Kai Johnson
Luis Lara Malvacias


Roundtable 1: Decolonizing Curricula in Dance Studies @ Screening Room

Hye-Won Hwang, “Worlding Dance in the US College Circles – Past, Present, and Future”

Dava Hernández

Rainy Demerson

Roundtable 2: (Re)framing, (Re)staging, (Re)articulating the Body in Dance Studies @ Brithinee Studio

Melissa Hudson Bell, “The Gutsy Series”

Anthony Shay

Adanna Jones, “Black Circulations: (Re)Locating & (Re)Articulating Caribbeanness through Gesture”

Roundtable 3: Navigating Careers in Dance Studies @ Hammond Studio

Maura Keefe, “From a Dance Specialist to Generalist to Pluralist: An Odd Career in Dance Academia”

Meghan Quinlan and Natalie Zervou

12:30-1:30PM LUNCH (catered) @ F-stop

A brief history of the MFA with Wendy Rogers


Performing Dance Studies I @ Atrium

Juliet McMains, “Pan Comido: Sub-Optimal Equilibrium of Erotic Exchange in Argentine Tango Tourism” with Cristian Santesteban

Won-sun Choi, “Arirang: at the moment”

Sue Roginski, “motifs and metaphors” with counterpoint/shift collaborators Irvin Manuel Gonzalez, Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Stephen Tanner, Tracy Tom-Hoon, Elizabeth Andrea Villalobos. Sound design by Patrick Doran-Sheeran

Alfonso Cervera, “Solo de : PC Num.5”


Roundtable 4: Framing Crisis, Trauma, and Reconciliation through Dance Studies @ Screening Room 

Janet O’Shea, “Strange Bedfellows? Academic Disciplines in an Age of Right-Wing Populism”

Melissa Blanco Borelli, “Embodied Performance Practices in Processes of Reconciliation, Construction of Memory and Peace in Chocó and El Pacífico Medio, Colombia”

Shawn Womack, “Never Not Falling: Choreographing Relationships between dancers and movers with brain injuries”

Roundtable 5: Teaching Dance Studies – A Collaborative Sharing of Embodied Strategies @ Brithinee Studio

Rachel Carrico, J Dellecave, Michelle Summers

Roundtable 6: Choreographing Gender and Embodied Politics in Dance Studies @ Hammond Studio

Rachmi Diyah Larasati, “Decolonizing Theory and Staging Dance Technique: questions of politics of voice”

Hannah Schwadron,  “At the Edge and In Your Face: The Appropriative License of Jewish Female Comedy”

Gabriela Mendoza-Garcia, “Las Adelitas- Folklórico Dancing as Women Soldiers: Choreographing Mexicana Gender Equity while Embodying Chicana Feminism”

4:30-6PM DINNER (on your own)


Performing Dance Studies II @ Atrium

Olana Flynn and Kendall Loyer, “Exposure”

Minerva Tapia, “Murito/Little Wall”

Karen Schaffman, “A Contact State of Mind” with Anya Cloud, (co-facilitator), Cornelius Stringer, Justin Morrison, Karen Schaffman (facilitator), Kristianne Salcines, Nina Watts, Nicole Carr, and Victor De La Fuente

casebolt and smith, “(the) More i see”

Crystal Sepulveda, “remedios”


Closing Plenary: Interrogating Dance Studies – Questions in/of/from the field @ Atrium

Jose Reynoso
Anthea Kraut
Ni’Ja Whitson
Maria Firmino-Castillo


With DJ Luke Kim and a performance by Tania ‘T’ Hammidi, “Foggy December Evening”